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Jennifer....Owner...Boss Lady

Runs the business behind the scenes. All the fun stuff.....paperwork

Been keeping Tony in line for 18 years.

Jennifer & Tony

Thanks for taking the time to browse through our website.

We are a  family run business located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
We have been producing High Quality, Affordable, Custom Painting and AirBrushing Services for over 25 years.

Tony.....AirBrush Artist.....Over the many years with Airbrush in hand,
I have been slowly creating my own world through my love of Drawing & Painting.
Taking the subject(s) & adding a touch of fantasy,
to create a unique feeling in my art to be shared & felt by all.
I have come to understand & believe that with each piece of art work I get out on to the project I am doing, I have knowingly given my best effort to create a place in which one may retreat visually through my artwork.

 I picked up my first AirBrush when I was 15 years old and have not looked back. I was blessed with a God given talent, that through him I have become a self taught,  free-lance, self-employed artist for the last 25 years.

My passion is Custom Motorcycle Painting, Wildlife Art & Pin Up & Portrait drawing.

Sinister AirWorkx
Oak Creek, WI

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Please note we are no longer located at D&L