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Please note the following changes to our company.
Due to the high demand of our AirBrushing, we are no longer taking on work other than Airbrushing work.​.

Specializing in meeting the needs of our customers in producing high quality custom AirBrushing with attention to detail.
Our primary concern is producing the finest custom AirBrush work available with an emphasis on uniqueness.
We will work with you and your ideas to give you that one of a kind AirBrush work that will stand out from all the rest.
Custom AirBrushing Motorcycles is our Specialty!!!
We have been in the motorcycle custom AirBrushing industry for over 30 years of Award winning experience!
All our AirBrush work is completed to the highest standards, using high quality grade paints and clear coats.

Sinister AirWorkx
Oak Creek, WI

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